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Montana's premium buds, brought to you by Yellowstoned


Where getting stoned meets the wild west.

Welcome to Yellowstoned, where premium cannabis meets the rugged beauty of Montana. Our passion for delivering the finest strains from around the world is evident in every product we offer. We believe that the quality of your cannabis experience should be just as exceptional as the wild landscapes of Montana. That's why we strive for providing premium strains sourced from the best we can find even exotic worldwide desire, ensuring that every experience is as elevated as the breathtaking views of the West. From our carefully crafted buds most hand trimmed to our commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to provide the ultimate cannabis experience every time with every harvest. Visit our dispensary and see for yourself what sets Yellowstoned apart.

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Wild beauty, Wild buds. Welcome to Yellowstoned.

Montana's finest flower is crafted at Yellowstoned

Discover the ultimate cannabis experience with our premium, high-quality strains. At Yellowstoned, we are dedicated to delivering only the best to our customers. We strive for finding premium strains to rival the best most desirable high that you seek.  Our unique cloning process guarantees the preservation of the finest strains you  will grow to love. We travel far and wide to source the finest genetics, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best. Elevate your cannabis journey going to Yellowstoned™.

Our Fresh Line - Coming Soon

Good Mood & Tyson 2.0 Heavyweight Cannacaps

Terp Slurps- Our Infused Drinks - Coming Soon

Our products

Join us on a journey through the finest offerings in cannabis and explore our one-of-a-kind product lines. Discover the rich flavor and potency of our hand-rolled canna gars (a cannabis cigar). Indulge in our delicious edible food line, crafted to satisfy both your taste buds and your desire for a top-quality experience.



Get lost in the beauty of Montana, and find yourself Yellowstoned.


Yellowstoned is making Montana the new high of the west.

Where getting stoned is just the beginning

Yellowstoned Dispensaries mission is to provide the best products around the state.  Just one place to pick up and experience the best products Montana has to offer.  

Let's build a space that creates the innovative, clean and high quality products you want..


If there is a product line you would love to find or create, let us know!  

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Yellowstoned + Good Mood

& Tyson 2.0

Yellowstoned has teamed up with Good Mood Cannabis Kitchen and the undisputed Tyson 2.0, a premier cannabis company led by the one and only, Mike Tyson. This exclusive state-wide partnership demonstrates our heavyweight commitment to excellence. We are packing a one two punch of premium products manufacturing, cultivation, packaging, distribution, and processing for Good Mood Cannabis Kitchen™  and Tyson 2.0™. Stop into our dispensary and take your experience to the next level with Tyson 2.0™, Good Mood™  and Yellowstoned Cannacaps™ . . . . Coming Soon!


Come to Yellowstoned!

Come and celebrate with us. We are the newest cannabis dispensary in town!  Our doors are open and we're eager to share our passion for quality cannabis products with you. We've got even more treats in store, with amazing and innovative products coming to our shelves! Our dispensary is located at 4055 Brooks St Suite B, Missoula, MT 59804, at the Silver Slipper Casino Complex in Missoula, Montana on 93, conveniently located across from Walmart. We can't wait to see you there!

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Get lost in the beauty of Montana, and find yourself Yellowstoned.

(406) 251-1243


Yellowstoned Dispensaries

4055 Brooks St Suite B

Missoula, MT 59804

In the Silver Slipper Casino Complex

¡Sé el primero en enterarte!

Welcome to the Yellowstoned Club!

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